Cosmic Portraits Cosmic Portraits are galactic portraits of someone which honors them in memory and/or in life these portraits are to celebrate someone living or whom has passed, we all become falling stars in this big wide universe. You and or/the person you choose to honor will be blessed with stars, usually a birthdate or favorite number and colors for the background FAQ: the first cosmic portrait Ori created was six years ago of Marsha ‘Pay It No Mind’ Johnson, black trans woman and the first person who threw a brick thus beginning the stonewall riots of ‘69 to gain the rights of lgbtqiaai+ folx and their civil rights to exist as equals. Mediums: watercolor or acrylic Costs: $200 for smaller i.e. 8x10, 12x12 canvas/paper work $360-450 for medium i.e. 11x14, 16x20 or similar sized canvas/paper work Larger than sizes above would be considered murals and or backdrops Time: Ori has a contract in place and this usually varies if there’s a deadline or other commissions on hand the artists has to get done along with the extensive time the project you have can get done in, being realistic in drying time and coordinating of this will vary but typically can take anywhere from 3 weeks until 2-3 months of time
Murals and Backdrops Murals are a huge way to show display of public art or can pay homage to the folx at home or in the community you’d like to honor, they can also encompass stage designs and be a way to uplift each other as a community and our ancestors Murals Medium: Mural Acrylic Paint and/or Spray paint Costs: Begin at $450-630 or more for a smaller scale piece of work i.e. bedroom/room walls in home and determined by height of ceiling etc. Any sizes larger or uncertainty should be directed to artist email below for inquiry Thank you for your time and thanks for looking, any specific questions about sizes, time, contract please direct to artists email. Blessings.